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Dear Reader,

  • Do you need to obtain ‘probate’?
  • Are you unsure about what’s involved with applying for probate and how to go about it?
  • Are you interested in finding out whether you can apply for probate yourself rather than use an expensive solicitor?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then this is going to be the most important information you are going to read all day. Here’s why….

I’m going to share some “insider knowledge” and show you how to obtain probate quickly and easily, without using a solicitor. This method works whether you are a complete probate novice or have previous experience of probate.

More about that in a moment. But first, please allow me to introduce myself.

Philip Weston_3Hello, my name is Phil Weston and I’m the owner and founder of www.willsandprobateservice.co.uk, Author, and Speaker with over 20 years experience.  I have helped 6,000 individuals obtain probate themselves, without using a solicitor.

I’ve spent thousands of pounds on courses, training material and legal textbooks learning all there is to know about probate. I am going to share some of these “inside knowledge” secrets with you today.

10 Million Reasons Why Probate Lawyers Hate My Website – this is the amount in pounds that people who’ve used my probate resources have saved in legal fees.

Meaning that ordinary individuals have saved over £10 Million in probate legal fees by using my unique probate resources. Money that has passed to the people it was intended for – the beneficiaries of the Will – rather than into the pockets of fat cat probate lawyers.

The people that have used my probate resources are from all walks of life, and all ages.  Just normal people who need to obtain probate for a straightforward estate.

This information isn’t for everyone though.

There are certain situations where you should stop reading and go and see a solicitor instead:

  1. If the estate is very large (£1 Million +).  Because by taking professional advice it may be possible to reduce an inheritance tax bill (Inheritance tax is payable where the estate is over £325,000 for a single person and £650,000 for a widow/widower)
  2. If there is a dispute with the Will, or a claim against the estate. Because in this scenario things can get very complicated, often involving court proceedings. This scenario requires careful handling by an experienced contentious probate lawyer.
  3. If the deceased person owned a business or a farm. Because the business or farm could be exempt from inheritance tax and there are other legal and accountancy considerations, meaning it is best to seek professional advice.
  4. If there is a complicated Trust in place. If the deceased person benefitted from a Trust then it is best to seek professional advice, as there are likely to be inheritance tax considerations and the Trust may need altering or even winding up.
  5. To deal with foreign asset(s). Because in most cases you’ll need a foreign grant of probate to deal with a foreign asset. So, if there’s a house in France, you’ll need French Probate to deal with the house. An English Will only has jurisdiction for assets owned in England and Wales.

If any of the above scenarios apply to you, there is just too much risk involved for a non-lawyer to try and complete Probate. Please stop reading and make an appointment to see a probate solicitor.

If you would like me to put you in touch with the specialist probate solicitor I use for my private clients please complete the enquiry form on the ‘Contact’ page and I’ll put you in touch.

OR if none of the above 5 scenarios apply to your circumstances, and you are an ‘Executor’ of the Will please continue reading…

As you may already know, the responsibility for obtaining Probate rests with the ‘Executor’ of the Will.

One of the main legal responsibilities of an Executor is to act in the best interests of the beneficiaries of the estate (i.e. the individuals named in the Will).

This means that an Executor should not waste estate money if it is avoidable.

Given that solicitors and probate firms charge four-to five figure fees means that an Executor should find out what’s involved with completing Probate themselves as a number #1 priority, before passing the buck onto an expensive lawyer.

The MASSIVE Probate Mistake Executors Make That Cost Beneficiaries £THOUSANDS

I’m going to don my ‘Mystic Meg’ cloak for a second and make my first prediction on what you’re about to experience:

After contacting one or all of these organisations:

  1. The deceased person’s bank
  2. The ‘Bereavement Advice Service’
  3. The Solicitor or Will Writer storing the original Will

And possibly the Funeral Director, if the company is part of a large chain (rather than a small independent funeral parlour)

This will happen:

You will be encouraged to make an appointment to get some “Free” probate advice.

At the appointment, the solicitor or salesperson will talk you through whether probate is required, what’s involved and then, tell you with a straight face…

“You should only consider doing probate yourself if you are experienced in legal matters.”

Prediction #2

The sales person will spin out one or more of the following reasons why you should not do probate  yourself:

  • It’s too complicated (no, it isn’t, it’s just a question of doing the right things in the right order. It certainly isn’t Rocket Science)
  • There’s too much risk involved (only if the estate is complicated)
  • It’ll take you years to sort out (no, more like 6-12 weeks for a straightforward estate based on the 3,856 people I have personally helped)
  • You don’t know what you are doing (granted, right now maybe – but we can soon put that right in a few moments)

May I please ask you a quick question?

Who benefits most – financially – if you fall for this sales pitch and just hand everything over to a solicitor or probate company?

      X       You?

      X       The beneficiaries of the Will?


  • The probate salesperson who wants to charge you a four-to-five figure bill for handling probate for you?


Here’s the crux of the matter. Since December 2011, I have helped over 6,000 private individuals successfully complete probate themselves without using a solicitor.

And, official figures released by the Probate Registry showed that actually over half (56%) of all probate applications in 2012 were sent in by non-solicitors (i.e. people doing probate themselves).

So, would it be fair to conclude that individuals do NOT have to use a solicitor to get probate?

The MASSIVE Probate Mistake that people make – who aren’t “in the know” – is believing they need to have a Probate Lawyer handle  probate for them, & pay a four to five figure £sum for the privilege.

I am alerting you, dear reader, to a major financial disaster that can put everything a loved one has worked hard for in real danger. Being responsible for probate does not come around very often. That is why most people will simply fall for this probate lie. After all, if a lawyer tells you something it has got to be true, right…

Think what I’m telling you is a bit extreme? If so, don’t just take my word for it have a look for yourself here:



Prediction #3

This time next year you will find yourself either in Steven’s shoes or Ros’s shoes.

Steven’s Story

Described on his words in these emails from December 2012 (company information redacted):

Email #1 – “Hi Phil
I have received your probate guide could you possibly help me I seem to be a victim of a company that’s trying to destroy what I have left. As this is a long and complicated situation I would like to know if it is possible to have the grant of representation revoked from this bad company and have it put into my own name. My wife passed away in 2009 and they are still dealing with it and pushing the price up, the company is called I.T.C.
Kind Regards

Email #2 – “Hi Phil

        Thanks for the response. My wife passed away in May 2009. I was recommended to I.T.C. by the Halifax. since then they have become a complete nightmare. At first they said I had to sign the data protection act which I did, they also told me that it would cost around £2000 and take no longer than 6-7 weeks. The form that I signed was actually their terms and conditions which I later found out that it was a kind of contract so I was stuck with them.

They took out a grant of representation on my behalf which gave them permission to go through everything. They started by not answering my calls or letters then they kept on changing case workers and just strung it out and kept on putting the price up. They did write to me and confirmed that they had found £2000+ belonging to my wife, I thought that this would be more than enough to pay their bill. I was wrong they kept stringing it out making stupid excuses.

They wanted a further £1600 on top of the £2000 that they had found this is pushing the price now to just under £4000. I have been refusing to pay this extortionate amount for the last year until recent when I had enough so I decided to pay the £1600+. I asked them to send me a final bill and they put this amount to £3000+ they said that they never had the £2000+ and it was a mistake (why has it taken two and a half years to say) this now with the £2000+ that they found is now knocking on the door for nearly £6000.

                        I have wrote to the ombudsman, seen the trading standards, a solicitor to no avail. They all say that I.T.C. are unregulated and there is nothing that anyone can do. This company is suppose to work for me and to look after my interest instead they are working for themselves to try and screw as much money as they can out of my wife’s estate. My wife and I had two houses on rent I.T.C. took that long to sort this out I had to go to the mortgage lenders and strike a deal with them in order to keep the houses. I.T.C. have now wrote to my tenants giving private details about my late wife and myself.

They want to know how much rent they are paying because I am not paying taxes on the rental income. This is a false statement as I have my own accountant and I am registered with the H.R. Customs. I contacted I.T.C. and complained to them about the manner in which they are dealing with this case. Because they feel that they have been told off they have now come up with a new way.

They now say that if I don’t pay this amount they will take both houses and sell them (can they legally do this can they sell my houses?)  This company are trying everything in order to make more money out of my late wife’s estate.

They are definitely not working on my behalf, they are just robbing me blind. The only way I can get out of this is to have the grant of representation revoked from I.T.C. and a new one granted in my name on the grounds of misrepresentation, extortion, black mail, deception, breach of contract, breach of the data protection act, and that’s without thinking too hard.

In your opinion can the grant be revoked and be granted in my name hope you can cast a fresh light on this situation.

       Kind Regards,


Contrast Steven’s experience with Ros’s story:

“Hi Phil,

My mother sadly passed away on 9 November, leaving me as the sole heir.

My first thought was to use a legal firm to handle it, but, having been quoted over £8,000 for the privilege, I was advised by a friend to do it myself – this seemed a rather daunting prospect initially, as I have never dealt with anything like this before & was not even familiar with my mothers affairs… however, I chanced across your Probate Pack and decided it was worth a try!! What an investment that proved to be!! Your step by step guide and Fast Track Probate  method has been invaluable and, less than 3 months down the line, the process is complete.

And now I can proceed to administer the estate with your equally helpful guide – Awesome, thank you!! And, and it’s a big ‘and’, I can ensure that every one of her belongings can either be sold for best profit or passed to someone they mean something to; how many solicitors can claim that?

I would never hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needs probate; you have made one small person feel very big indeed – you have made a learning curve more like a fun slide, and how I laugh in the face of solicitors in other ways too now!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Ros Hamilton”

Q – Whose shoes would you rather be in 12 months down the line – Steven or Ros?

Ask yourself these 3 quick questions:

  1. Who do I think my dearly departed loved one would rather benefit from the estate – the beneficiaries carefully chosen in the Will, or some fat cat lawyer?
  2. Could I forgive myself if I did nothing to find out more about my probate obligations, rather than just “passing the buck” to an expensive lawyer?
  3.  Do I really want to lose complete control over my loved one’s finances and final wishes by handing responsibility over to a complete stranger?

Today you have a unique opportunity to arm yourself with all of the necessary information – so that you can make an informed probate decision. Don’t waste it.

Do nothing and you could end up falling for the Big Probate Lie and end up squandering a small fortune on expensive and unnecessary probate legal fees.

Don’t let yourself become one of the thousands of people here in the UK looking back with regret, wondering ‘what if I’d listened… what if I’d done something…’

 Levelling The Playing Field

 I am offering to show you the insider secrets to probate and how to complete probate Quickly and Easily without using a solicitor. You can access this invaluable information now.

 “Only Fools Rush In”

All I am recommending is that you find out more and put yourself in an informed position. I implore you – Please don’t jump straight in at the deep end and make a hasty decision that could lead to a lifetime of regret and financial headaches.

This isn’t about committing yourself to one particular course of action right this moment.

It is about putting you in an informed position about probate, so you have all the facts to make an informed probate decision when you are good and ready.

Don’t forget, it’s not always a black and white choice between doing everything yourself –vs- instructing a solicitor to do everything for you.

In your DIY Probate Pack, you will discover:

  • Proven strategies how to get Probate within 5-6 weeks
  • Everything you need to know about probate – what probate is, why you need it and what’s involved with getting it
  • How to identify and deal with any inheritance tax requirements
  • How to check if the Will is legally valid
  • How to avoid making costly mistakes that inexperienced non-lawyers make when dealing with probate
  • How to deal with a loved one’s finances, property and other assets
  • How to save time dealing with financial organisations and other interested parties
  • The secret strategy to obtain probate in the shortest possible time for the lowest cost

And much more……

This is about getting probate without a solicitor – but ultimately it’s about the EMPOWERMENT and CONFIDENCE that comes when you know how to deal with your loved one’s final wishes yourself.

And what’s really great is that…. You Can Be Absorbing This Information In The Next 60 Seconds!

Surely you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to at least find out what’s involved with obtaining probate?

To make up your own mind whether solicitors are justified in charging several thousand pounds for handling probate,  or is it “money for old rope”? Can it REALLY be that complicated?

What’s the alternative? Do you really want to remain in the dark and end up regretting wasting thousands in unnecessary legal fees and incurring substantial delays in closing your loved one’s estate?

Your choice.

I’ll leave the final word to Darren:

Dear Phil,  I just wanted to drop you a line to say how invaluable your Probate Pack has been.

 I have really appreciated the way everything was laid out so clearly step by step, enabling a non-lawyer like myself to easily follow the process. It made the process extremely easy and has only taken around 7 weeks for me to obtain probate.

 I’m sure my late father would have also been happy that part of his legacy was not squandered on a four figure solicitor’s bill.

 I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services in future to anyone considering tackling the issue of Probate.

 Sincere thanks for all your help at this difficult time.

 Kindest regards, Darren”

Darren Gosling, by email

Find out more about the DIY Probate Pack here:

DIY Probate Pack Information

Thanks for reading.

Best regards

Phil Weston

Phil Weston
Owner of the Wills & Probate Service, Author and Probate Expert

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